Everything To Know About Energy Audt

Everything To Know About Energy Audt

An energy audit is a formal study of an organization/process/plant/equipment’s energy consumption, efficiency & energy costs and without affecting the day-to-day activities and productivity. It also shows them how they can conserve and reduce energy costs. Energy audt have been formulated and adopted by organizations/services that consume a lot of energy. This helps the organizations to learn more about how they are spending energy and what can be done to maximize its usage.


Energy audt have become very popular these days as more companies have shown interest in conducting these audt. So, in this article we will discuss everything about energy audt.


Different kinds of energy audt

Here are the two main energy audt that can be seen these days. Let’s take a look –


Primary Energy Audit – primary energy audt typically use existing data to easily analyze a plant’s energy consumption and performance. This type of audit doesn’t require much measurement and data collection. These audt are relatively quick, have more general results, and provide complex opportunities for energy efficiency. Economic analysis is usually limited to calculating the time required to repay the initial capital through a simple repayment period or through energy savings.


Detailed Energy Audit – this audit involves more information and an extensive audit to find out more about an organization’s energy consumption. Various energy systems (pumps, fans, compressed air, steam, heat, etc.) are usually measured, listed and evaluated in detail. Therefore, the time required for this type of audit is longer than the previous one. The results of this audit are more complete and useful because they provide a more accurate picture of the energy efficiency of the plant and accurate recommendations for improvement. The overall economic analysis for measuring productivity is usually performed with a brief payback period. This is more suitable for big multinational corporations in every industry.


Benefits of energy audit for any organization

Any organization can benefit a lot by following energy audt every year. How is it? Let’s find out the benefits of energy audt –


  • Organizations can save a significant amount of their budget by realizing how to use energy the right way. The audt show them if there is any kind of inefficiency in their system or way of using energy resources. Hence, they can work on it and improve its usage.


  • Energy audt help to contribute to a better environment and ecosystem. The use of proper energy leads to better usage of energy and that not only helps the companies, but the environment as well. More efficient use of energy can positively contribute to the ecosystem.


  • Energy audt allow a company to function more effectively over time. The audt can point out if any system is outdated and is consuming too much energy against the ROI it is delivering. Therefore, the company will now be able to replace it and use equipment that is more efficient and useful.


So, here are some of the most important things you should know about energy audt in 2021.

Rosalind Smyth