Medical Coding vs Billing: What Are the Differences?

Medical Coding vs Billing: What Are the Differences?

Running a business in the healthcare industry can sometimes feel overwhelming.

This is especially true when managing patient records and dealing with medical billing. After all, you have to provide quality service, communicate with insurance companies, and keep everyone’s medical records organized.

Every healthcare provider needs to understand the difference between medical coding vs billing. This will help ensure that the proper paperwork reaches the right people. Here we take a look at the basics of medical coding and medical billing to make the process of providing medical care less stressful.

The Basics of Medical Coding

Let’s start by clearly defining the process called medical coding. After all, the 2 duties are not the same.

In the most basic terms, a medical coder is a person who translates specific healthcare services and diagnoses into codes that can be understood by the insurance agencies who need the information.

Medical coding is written in a shorthand that includes a series of numbers and letters that ensure that the billing and payment process follows the proper regulatory requirements for the healthcare industry.

The Basics of Medical Billing

Now let’s look at the task of medical billing. A medical biller focuses on a very different task. This is a healthcare worker who uses the codes provided by the medical coder. They use the information to bill the insurance company.

A person working in this position will be dealing with insurance companies. This job involves filing claims as well as dealing with denials and rejections, then submitting payment statements to patients.

Working With Patients

Another difference between these 2 jobs is the way each one deals with patients. Medical coders never interact with patients. Medical billers do speak with patients about the status of their outstanding medical bills. They also encourage them to make payments as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that a medical coder focuses on preparing medical records and data. Thus there’s no need to have any form of contact with patients. Because of these, becoming a medical coder might not be the best career path for extroverts.

Medical billers need to be warm and friendly and good at conversation so that the patients they talk to will be willing to cooperate.

Here’s a link that will help you outsource the billing process rather than dealing with your own billing.

A Guide to Medical Coding vs Billing

Everyone deserves the best medical care available at a reasonable price. It’s important for healthcare workers to provide quality service for every patient. Fortunately, educating yourself about the difference between medical coding vs billing is a crucial aspect of keeping medical costs as low as possible.

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