8 Benefits of Cloud Server Service that leverage businesses in South East Asia (SEA)

8 Benefits of Cloud Server Service that leverage businesses in South East Asia (SEA)

The technology adoption in South East Asian (SEA) is growing very fast, especially cloud computing. Businesses in Asia can largely benefit when they adopt a cloud server service. As well as in Thailand, digital transformation is a huge trend in Bangkok. Many businesses started to use cloud server service which make cloud server Thailand become very popular in 2021. Data stored in a cloud server can stream a video or audio, backup, and restore information. And there are more benefots of cloud server service. The following are some of the business benefits of a cloud server and these might be the main reasons why many corporates in Thailand and SEA started to be on cloud:

Provides a cost-effective IT model

This is because of the less equipment needed, therefore the cost of on-site maintenance is slashed. Anyone can tap into cloud computing service no matter the kind of hardware you are using. On the cloud provider online, anyone can access and operate the service.

Improved competitiveness

Small businesses can majorly benefit from the latest technology at a faster rate if they move their operations to cloud-based services. This in return allows them to dig in against their larger competitors as they will access enterprise-grade technology at a fraction of the price.

No need for software and hardware updates

The old way of computing required constant upgrades of the IT’s software and hardware to allow the best computing systems, programs, and innovations. This is an expensive and inefficient way of running the IT side of the business which is a slow process. In cloud computing services, all inconveniences associated with cloud computing, maintenance, and upgrades are taken care of. Therefore, just by the click of your mouse, you can have the latest technology and reap all the benefits. This, in turn, allows you to focus your resources (money and time) on other major business priorities that allow you to grow your business in other areas.

Increased productivity and collaboration

A Cloud server Thailand allows you to work off-site just as easily as when you are in the office, as the cloud allows you to share online tools, storage, and workflows. On your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, workers can access and manage their projects on the go. This also reduces the reliance on one head office connection as you can also use any internet connection to access your data.

Improved scalability and flexibility

Wasted capacity during idle times and shortages in peak times can occur with traditional computing, as you can be locked into storage capacities through the hardware you buy. With a cloud-based computing service, you can meet your demands whether you need to scale down or up as there are fewer shortages and less wasted capacity. No manual intervention is needed as the cloud server Thailandis heavily automated.

Faster and frequent upgrades

Any business using cloud computing service can typically roll out new software faster and frequently as the companies providing this have enabled the server to do so. Many cloud computing platforms offer updates on a weekly or monthly basis. This enables less downtime suffering, less IT stress, and constant humming of your cloud-based computing system. Therefore, your business will be supported to grow tremendously.

Reduced energy bills

Saving up some money at the end of the day is the ultimate goal of any business. Cloud computing technology will help your business to reduce IT expenses which is energy efficient. Your electricity bill will decrease because the workload on your business hardware will reduce.

Better business continuity

There will be an unhindered growth and continuity of your business as a cloud server will allow uninterrupted storage and collections of your systems data. There will be no storage downtime associated with upgrades and maintenance, multiple backups in case of on-site storage failures, stored data will not be affected by floods, employees, or fires, and no shortages of on-site data storage. This, in turn, means a more reliable and better disaster recovery system. The cloud server is less time-consuming and expensive, therefore a good backup solution in case of data loss. Now, smaller businesses can afford the highest level of data disaster recovery thanks to the cloud server Thailand.