5 Most Germ-Laden Areas in the Office and How to Clean Them

5 Most Germ-Laden Areas in the Office and How to Clean Them

There are many ways to create a productive workplace. A solid support system for your employees is one way to make sure that they remain productive.

Encouraging employees to take the necessary breaks so that their minds can refresh is also a great way to remain productive in the office.

Another way you can have a productive workplace is by keeping your office clean. Due to the fact that your employees are not dealing with clutter and mess, they have more opportunities to focus on the job at hand.

Aside from that, having a clean office is less hazardous for your employees. They will not end up stumbling over wires or other paraphernalia leading to accidents and injuries. Therefore, you will be avoiding a potential lawsuit or expenses from having to deal with medical bills.

From fewer accidents to a more productive workday, these are some of the biggest reasons you should keep a clean office.

On that note, there are several areas in the office that you need to pay special attention to when you plan on cleaning your office. In this article, you will find which areas of the office need your special attention when it comes to cleaning them. Aside from that, you also learn how to clean these areas effectively.

1. Breakrooms

One of the most important areas of the office that you need to clean is the breakroom. The breakroom is where the office keeps its food, utensils, and cutlery.

We all know how managing food can be quite messy, which is why the breakroom can be quite dirty if left alone for a while.

To keep it clean on the regular make sure that you have some paper towels, as well as a bottle of disinfectant spray on hand. The disinfectant spray can serve as a great regular, all-purpose cleaning solution around the break room. It can be used on the sink, the tables, and other furniture in the breakroom.

2. Desks

According to Maid Sailors office cleaning provider in NYC, desks are the personal workstations of each employee in the office.

Thus, this is the place that employees stay and interact with the most. At the same time, it is one of the dirtiest areas in the office that should receive regular cleaning as well.

When cleaning the desks, computers, keyboards, and mice should also be cleaned regularly. You can do this by keeping a set of antimicrobial wipes nearby, either on the desks themselves or in key areas near the desks.

3. Office Equipment

Speaking of cleaning the desktops, keyboards, and mice, you should also not forget to clean out the office equipment. These are often neglected when people are cleaning the office.

If you neglect the cleanliness of your office equipment, what can happen is that these pieces of office equipment might have shorter lifespans.

For office equipment, a general dusting is always good because the dust can damage the internal workings of office equipment. Sanitizing wipes for dusting your office equipment is better than dry tissues because the dust will just be moved everywhere if you do not use wet wipes.

4. Restrooms

Restrooms are an important part of any office and must be cleaned regularly or things can get disgusting very fast.

Office restrooms are a part of the office that people go to. From clients to employees, the restrooms should always be kept clean for your office’s reputation.

On that note, you should ideally clean the restrooms on a daily basis. After all, people go to the bathroom daily. Make sure that you refill the toilet paper, liquid soap, and other toiletries so that it never runs out.

5. Waiting Areas

The waiting areas should also be kept clean because these are areas that people face the first time they enter the office. At the same time, it receives constant foot traffic so dirt from the outside gets there often.

Remember to clean this daily as well. Wipe down tables, clean the chairs and make sure no trash is kept inside the chairs.

If you are on a time constraint and you need to clean your office then you should prioritize the areas of the office listed above. These are the areas that have the most germs and bacteria and at the same time, your employees interact or move around in these areas a lot.

Hopefully, this article can tell you which to prioritize for your next deep clean session, as well as how to clean them properly. Aside from deep cleaning the office every once in a while, it is also good practice to encourage employees to keep a clean habit when they are in the office.

A proactive approach will help maintain the cleanliness of the office which will mean that you will need to deep clean the office less often.