What Makes a Good eCommerce Web Design?

What Makes a Good eCommerce Web Design?

What happens in the future when eCommerce product descriptions are in video format? Or when entrepreneurs from emerging markets start eCommerce stores?

eCommerce is becoming more competitive, and we can expect many interesting changes in the industry by the end of the decade.

As a result, if you run an eCommerce business, you need to stay ahead of the ruthless competition. You must have a stunning eCommerce website at all times. But what makes great eCommerce web design?

This short guide will show you how to get the best eCommerce website design.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hire a Professional

The first step to ensure you keep in touch with the best eCommerce website design trends is to hire a professional.

When you work with eCommerce design and development services they’ll design a website that looks like a professional made it. Best of all, they’ll regularly maintain and update your website.

This ensures that as the trends change, your website remains ahead of the game without you having to get involved in the design.

Minimalist Design and Navigation

Gone are the days when we thought complex websites were professional. Today’s internet user is busy and doesn’t have time to linger on your eCommerce store to find their products.

You want to focus on making it easy for your customers. They should be able to see your full catalog within a few pages. They should then be able to add to the shopping cart and place an order within a few steps.

Also, minimalist design means that you want as few colors as possible. Look at your favorite brands, and you’ll notice that they often don’t go overboard with color schemes.

For example, Coca-Cola only uses red and white. Mcdonald’s only uses golden. You want to do the same with your eCommerce website design. This makes it easy for your customers to recognize your brand. It’s also much easier on the eyes when scrolling.

You want to time how long it takes the average buyer to complete a purchase on your site. Aim for less than 1 minute.

Have Social Proof

The final step is to ensure your website has social proof to promote it. This might take some time as you won’t get reviews or testimonials right away.

But as they come in, make sure you share them on your website. Each product should showcase ratings and reviews. At the bottom of your homepage, make sure to have at least 3 testimonials from satisfied customers.

If you’ve won awards or have statistics to promote your brand, share them on your website. The more social proof you have, the higher the credibility of your eCommerce store becomes.

Improve Your eCommerce Web Design

Now you know the steps to improve your eCommerce web design and grow your brand.

The first step is always to hire professional services. They’ll work to build and maintain a great eCommerce website. They’ll always keep on top of the latest trends.

Next, you want to have a minimalist design and navigation. Make it simple for your customers to buy your products. Use social proof to build your website’s credibility.

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Harriet Ballard