Understanding What Is And How To Use Social Media Analytics

Understanding What Is And How To Use Social Media Analytics

Social Media And Social Media Analytics

You are probably very familiar with and use social media on a daily basis. These are platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. YouTube is also considered to be a social media platform. These platforms let you engage with audiences through posts, images, and videos.

While you may be well versed in social media, the phrase social media analytics may sound unfamiliar and even scary to you. Do not dismay. Social media analytics simply involves looking at the data or numbers behind the social media interactions you are having. It is not so complex or scary after all. While there may be a lot of data, it can be easily broken down and is often simple to understand once you have the hang of it.

Getting In-depth With Social Media Analytics

To really understand the analytics on social media, you need to define them and know where you can find them. Here are the key measurements you should be familiar with, so you know how to utilize analytics to your advantage.

Engagement is a vital measurement. It shows you how many times people have interacted with your post. High engagement shows that people are actively engaging and responding to your social media postings.

Followers are the number of people that are following you on a platform. The more followers you have, the more “popular” your content is on social media. Impressions are different than followers. They measure the total number of people that saw your post.

There are other metrics in analytics, such as page likes, previews, views, and clicks. Each of these metrics reveals things such as how favorably a post or video is received, how much interest it gets, and how many people actually go ahead to view your website content.

Using Analytics To Be Successful On Social Media

If you are on Facebook, then you will want to focus heavily on content that is engaging. Facebook recently changed its algorithm on how it ranks posts. The new algorithm is focused on boosting up content with high engagement. This is why you want to create content that will not just look good, but that will get responses from your target audience. If your content lacks engagement on Facebook, then it may get buried. The ideal thing to do on Facebook is to get creative and interactive with your posts.

If you are on Twitter, then you should be sure to check out the number of impressions your Tweets get and the number of tweet mentions on Twitter overall. This will give you a good idea of how many people you reach. The number of followers you have may reveal how many loyal followers you have, but it does not reveal how many people overall see your content. There could be a big discrepancy between the two. Twitter provides a program called Twitter Analytics that lets you see these metrics and more for free provided that you have a Twitter account.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media channels out there, but they are two of the biggest ones. Start with them and see what you can do as you build up your social media presence. YouTube is a great platform to create short informational videos about products and services as well. It is more geared towards entertainment and content marketing, however.

NetBase Can Help You Deal With Analytics On Social Media

Managing your social media accounts and looking through social media analytics can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Fortunately, there are social media management and analytics companies such as NetBase that make managing social media and its analytics a breeze. NetBase has software solutions that let you easily compile and see reports on what is working on social media and what is not. They also have solutions to help you launch products, engage with audiences, and build up a brand name through social media. Check out their services on NetBase.com.