The Increased Popularity Of Accounting Software With Small Businesses

The Increased Popularity Of Accounting Software With Small Businesses

The role of an accountant has changed. Earlier, small businesses would classify a good accountant as one of the basic requirements when starting a business. Their guidance, along with adequate support in all connected matters with setting up and launching a business, was perceived as vital for the overall success of a small business.

However, the rise of online accounting software has made it relatively more accessible for small businesses to keep their company’s books in good shape. Rest assured that more and more businesses have been choosing to use accounting software online. Let us delve into how this has affected the role of the accountant selected by small businesses.

Why Do Business Owners Use Accounting Software Online?

Cost Earlier, bookkeeping and accounting were inaccessible to owners. As a result, small businesses consider hiring an experienced accountant the essential cost of running a business. However, the price varied per hour, with fixed fees for the accounting (โปรแกรมบัญชี, which is the term in Thai) work and per-minute charges for telephone calls. Despite the cost, having an accountant look after the entire small business’s financial affairs would considerably burden your business profits. Rest assured that essential accounting software could be available at a relatively meagre price.

Time Schedules

A piece of software could work 24 hours a day. On the other hand, an accountant has stipulated opening times. Your small business would rarely be working to a nine-to-five schedule. Therefore, the inflexible nature of the opening hours of a traditional accountant could be very frustrating. It would frustrate you more if the deadline requires an accountant’s help and you have charged overtime for an accountant working out of hours.

Information Security

Regardless of your signing a confidentiality agreement with the chosen accountant, rest assured that you will disclose private information regarding your specific business strategy to the selected accountant. It might be at risk of such information reaching the public domain. Accounting software helps keep your entire confidential information inside the business.

Ease Of Use

Accounting software has become very user-friendly. Rest assured that several products have been made available to the user without needing specific accounting knowledge. It enables traders to control their financial affairs easily.

Enhanced Business Performance

There could be good benefits to your business performance by taking control of the company finances compared to outsourcing them.

Numerous software packages have been made available on the market, aiming at various segments of the SME market. You should consider your specific business requirements to find the product suitable to your needs.

Paul Watson