Weigh These Pros And Cons If You Want To Avail Loan Against Au Small Finance Bank Credit Card

Weigh These Pros And Cons If You Want To Avail Loan Against Au Small Finance Bank Credit Card

The 2020-21’s covid lockdown restrictions have had an impact on the bank’s lending operations since the beginning of that year. Numerous layoffs, wage cutbacks, and other situations where loans would be required to address funding or liquidity gaps are likely to be the results of economic instability. Pre-approved digital loans, like loans secured by credit cards, can assist credit card holders in overcoming financial challenges; but, they also offer their own set of advantages and drawbacks that must be factored in before making any decision.

So, the following are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before taking out a loan against your AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card:

Of all the various lending choices, credit card loans can have the quickest processing and payout times. This loan can benefit from speedy disbursements within a few hours of a credit card application because it has already been pre-approved and no extra verification is required. Furthermore, some credit card providers claim to be able to transfer money in just a few minutes. If someone is qualified for the loan, all they have to do is fill out an online application using internet banking or contact the credit card company’s customer service department for assistance. You have the option of having the loan amount credited to your account or withdrawn as a demand draft.

It successfully supplants traditional financial processes.The au lit credit card loans are a dependable source of credit in any situation, but they are especially helpful when faced with constraints, a lack of lending staff and hours, prohibitions, and an unstable economy. A few advantages of au small finance bank credit card loans include one of the quickest disbursements, pre-approval status, and the ease with which loan applications may be submitted by phone banking or online. In the event of a financial emergency, liquidity mismatch, or debt consolidation, current credit card holders who are ineligible for or do not meet the requirements for alternative lending options may, if they are qualified, apply for a au small finance bank credit card loan using their credit card. Prior to choosing a lender, make sure to carefully weigh your options by comparing interest rates, loan terms, processing fees, and the amount of the loan you are seeking.

Five years is the maximum loan payback period. The availability of loan terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years allows the borrower to choose a loan term with a payback term whose accompanying EMIs are easy to repay over time. When picking a loan term, keep in mind that although longer terms result in lower monthly payments, they can also lead to higher overall interest costs. It makes sense to choose a loan term that is consistent with your capacity to make payments as a result. Due to the connection between your loan EMI and credit card account, paying your au lit credit card bill in full beyond the due date will result in significant financial penalties.


more than personal loan interest rates: A lot of factors, such as your credit score, the type of card you hold, your repayment history, your career, and others, can affect the interest rates applied to credit cards. Even though credit card issuers have the right to charge even higher interest rates when the economy is uncertain, as it is right now, the interest rates on your au lit credit card loan are typically at least 1% higher than the interest rates on personal loans that are available to people with the same credit profile. People who currently use credit cards should compare the interest rates on their cards to any other loan options they may have, including any rapid personal loans, digital top-up mortgages, and personal loans designed specifically for COVID 19 that may be provided by other lenders.

Because loans against credit cards can only be obtained up to a certain level allowed by the credit card provider, when a loan against a au small finance bank credit card is received, the cardholder’s credit limit is for time being restricted up to the approved loan amount. The cardholder is consequently unable to use their credit card.

However, if you pay your bills on time, the credit limit will progressively rise. To help you maintain your credit limit and keep making sizable purchases, certain credit card issuers may authorize this loan for a higher amount than the card’s authorized credit limit. Keep in mind, too, that a credit card company would only offer you this choice after considering, among other things, your ability to repay the loan and previous repayment behavior.

Cash withdrawals can also be conducted with a credit card up to a predetermined amount, which, unless otherwise stated, is normally a part of your full credit limit. Some credit card companies expressly ban the maximum cash withdrawal limit when a loan is obtained via AU LIT Credit Card, while others do not. Having the opportunity to use a credit card could be useful in resolving financial difficulties, even though using a credit card to withdraw money from an ATM should be avoided whenever feasible due to the high fees and associated high interest rates for cash withdrawals.

What all to keep in mind before making the final call?

Undoubtedly, applying for a au small finance bank credit card and using it to borrow money makes it one of the most beneficial sources of credit, particularly during tough economic times like the current pandemic, which is characterized by economic unpredictability, limited work hours, and a lack of available staff for lenders. To be on the safe side, it is essential to start by looking at alternative financing options including digital top-up home loans, COVID 19 specialized personal loans, and digital rapid loans for individuals. These loans may be disbursed in a smaller amount of time vs au lit credit card loans and may have lower interest rates as well.

Paul Watson