The Lagos Campaign: Blockchain Education in Nigeria

by ParallelScore
Lagos, Nigeria

RootProject is partnering with ParallelScore to raise funds to develop a blockchain school in Lagos, Nigeria. 20 local students will receive full-tuition scholarships to attend the first course, slated to begin in spring of 2019.

The funds raised through the campaign will be used to develop the curriculum in real time over the next several months. Coursework will begin in Q1/Q2 of 2019. A portion of the funds raised will also be used for scholarships and equipment for 20 students, who we’ll begin recruiting during the course of the campaign.

Read more about the campaign below and stay tuned for how to donate.

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Lagos, Nigeria
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CEO Adebayo Dawodu aims to engage with strategic partners and guest lecturers to create a curriculum for blockchain education to address the increasing demand for developers skilled in this emerging technology and provide opportunities for job-seekers in Lagos.

ParallelScore understands that developers must be equipped for the inevitable demands of technological advancements. Currently, we train, mobilize, and deploy talent to create innovative solutions to global challenges through the use of emerging technologies. Our developers are creating products that, 1) lift the barriers preventing access to health care, 2) simplify the phases of agriculture using low-power and cost-effective technology, and 3) facilitate engagement among community members to achieve a better quality of life. This blockchain school is a step in the direction of ParallelScore’s purpose of creating thousands of jobs in Nigeria, which it hopes will permeate through other countries in Africa.

— Adebayo Dawodu, CEO of ParallelScore


Parallel Score will cover the costs to run the program outside of what is covered by the campaign.

Item Unit Cost/Month/Item Cost/Month/item Naira Total Cost in Naira Total Cost in Dollars Source
Equipment 20 $1,500.00 ₦525,000.00 ₦10,500,000.00 $29,577.46 Campaign
Stipend (20 students) 20 $200.00 ₦70,000.00 ₦8,400,000.00 $23,661.97 Campaign
Virtual Instructors (2) 6 $2,500.00 ₦875,000.00 ₦5,250,000.00 $14,788.73 Campaign
Operation 6 $1,000.00 ₦350,000.00 ₦2,100,000.00 $5,915.49 Campaign
Facility 6 $1,000.00 ₦350,000.00 ₦2,100,000.00 $5,915.49 ParallelScore
Internet 6 $175.00 ₦61,250.00 ₦367,500.00 $1,035.21 ParallelScore
Local Staff 6 TBD TBD ₦TBD $TBD ParallelScore
Events 6 $500.00 ₦175,000.00 ₦1,050,000.00 $2,957.75 ParallelScore
Total 70 ₦2,231,250.00 ₦28,717,500.00 $83,852.11


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