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Giving money to the other campaigns on this site is an act of donation. You can also support RootProject by purchasing ROOTS tokens during the tokensale which starts soon. You can join the whitelist now. Holding tokens allows you to participate in the community we’re building: Voting on what local projects should get listed, using your local knowledge to make them better, proposing your own community crowdfunding campaigns where the work gets completed by RootProject once it’s funded. You can read more about our “initial coin offering,” or ICO, here.

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RootProject is powered by ROOTS tokens. Tokens go up and down in value as the market dictates, and you can sell them in the future for US dollars or other cryptocurrencies.

One of the cofounders, Dr. Nicholas Adams Judge, wrote his doctoral dissertation on mathematical models of currency markets. When the founders, and Dr. Melissa Mahoney, came up with the ideas behind RootProject, they realized they stumbled on a model of nonprofit funding that rewards early token holders and levels the playing field between for-profits and nonprofits.

You’ll soon be able to earn tokens in a number of ways. We’ll be building this functionality into this site in the coming months. To learn more, check out the nonprofit business plan

Lots of companies these days are raising money by selling their own token. In fact, these token sales have recently surpassed all early-stage venture capital by volume. It’s a more democratic form of fundraising, and it helps build a community. What’s special about RootProject’s token is that it’s the first seriously-designed token to link a nonprofit to the power of markets, aligning the interest of those that hold the token and those that benefit from RootProject’s labor program.

Your purchase helps build a decentralized crowdfunding network that is joined with an on-the-ground nonprofit. Supply of the token is strictly hard capped, while the token and the on-the-ground institution is designed to increase demand over time. To read more, visit our ICO page.



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