Help Korean single-mothers live in a safe and stable environment

by The Bridge
Seoul, South Korea

Single mothers in Korea face serious challenges from their low income and child care issues. Many children from a single-parent household endure extremely difficult childhood due to their unstable living environment. From the moment a woman becomes a single mother, her trials begin: poverty, unemployment, raising children, and alienation from the society. Among the challenges, residential issues are the most nerve-wrecking and difficult issue for the single mothers in Korea. The Bridge provides arrangements for a living for single mothers who are in dire need.

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The Bridge
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This project was built to provide a stable and secure housing for homeless single-mothers in Korea.

The number of single mothers in Korea is estimated to be around 160,000. Most single mothers have to quit their jobs at the moment of conception, or they are forced out of a job because of socially unaccepting culture. Out of the total, only 9.4% of the single mothers get financial support from the children’s father. Without any outside support, the single-mothers have to endure the perfect storm: housing issues, medical care, employment, living expenses, child care, etc. Among the challenges, residential issues are the most nerve-wrecking and difficult issue for the single mothers in Korea.

Single mothers with unstable living arrangements: 81%

Average monthly income: $1,076

Single mothers who lost touch with the father: 78%

When someone becomes a single-mother, one of the only places they can turn to is a ‘Single-mother protection shelter.’ The shelter provides basic living shelters for pregnant women, and they also provide a common living space for single-mothers with children. Not only there are a huge lack of such shelters, but these shelters are usually located far from the single-mothers’ native neighborhoods, which makes it very uncomfortable. The single-mothers who couldn’t leave the shelter on their own are guided to a different facility that encourages self-support. Such facility is technically available for low-income homeless single-mothers with children under the age of 18, but in reality it is very difficult to get a spot. Even when a spot is secured, the duration of the stay is limited to two years at the most. Two years is a short time for someone to find a way to support oneself fully while raising a child.


Action Plan

The fundraised donations will be used for the following:

  1. Step 1 – Basic Survey: Selection of target persons, neighborhoods, and size of the facilities.
  2. Step 2 – Support for self-sustainability: preparing the facilities, and opening it up to the first round of cohort – build community.
  3. Step 3 – Sustainable/virtuous cycle: cooperate with other single mothers support groups, building self-sustainability model, establish a feedback loop.


To the single-mothers, the most unbearable difficulty is the society’s unaccepting glances presumptions. Because of such, it is difficult for them to get a job and education which augments the bad cycle.

The most immediate need for the single-mothers is a secure and stable living environment.


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