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Help Korean single-mothers live in a safe and stable environment

Single mothers in Korea face serious challenges from their low income and child care issues. Many children from a

$85.00 Raised 0.85%
$10,000.00 Goal
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Seoul, South Korea

Help Send Iraqi Orphans to Summer School

RootProject is partnering with Numi Foundation

$221.00 Raised 1.22%
$18,096.00 Goal
56 Days to Go
Baghdad, Iraq

Give a Child Living in Poverty a Bicycle

Do you remember your first bike? Your first trip down the driveway or to school? We give children living in situations

$3,673.00 Raised 73.46%
$5,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
United States

Contribute to a Fund for Legal Representation for Undersheltered People

Interaction with officialdom is a major barrier to overcome for those stuck in poverty. Lawyers, out of necessity,

$4,478.00 Raised 22.39%
$20,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go