One of RootProject’s primary goals is to spur the generation and completion of projects for the public good. Whether you were walking down the street and thought of a great community project, or you’re a CEO of a 100 year-old nonprofit looking to roll out a program across multiple geographic locations, we’d like to hear from you.

Empowering the grassroots level to act on great ideas is critical to our success and the betterment of society. Helping small non-profits scale and punch above their weight is another factor in our success. Helping the biggest philanthropic organizations stretch their donor dollars further and impact more lives adds to our ecosystem. All of it is possible within the RootProject model.

You lay out the terms of the project. Where will it take place? Who will do the work? How will it benefit the community? Get the ball rolling by laying out the broad strokes and give us your best guess on costs, compliance issues, other roadblocks we might encounter.

The RootProject communty checks your project plan and budget – and gets a little bit of ROOTS tokens if they find ways to improve it as an inducement. After the community has a look, let our team help refine and finalize your project plan. We’ll work with you to make sure it is in line with your expectations. Once we are all satisfied, its time to get it funded!

RootProject will launch your crowdfunding campaign on our platform. We’ll continue to socialize it within our community to help promote it. In certain cases, RootProject will help promote it ourselves through our advertising and other relationships. Once the project is funded, RootProject or a partner nonprofit gets to work to get it executed.

We will always work to source as much labor from those below the poverty line as is possible. That helps us serve those most in need in our communities and it also lets most of the donations be tax deductible which will help it get funded in the first place. We will always pay at least a $15 minimum wage to all workers – in addition to providing an opportunity for them to start creating a savings in our “pension-like” fund by participating in our program over an extended period of time.

The outcome is a completed project that improves a community, provides good wages and potential savings for low income individuals, and increases opportunities for others to get involved.

We look forward to hearing about your project ideas and working with you to make them a reality!

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When a community campaign reaches its goal, RootProject or a partner nonprofit steps in and completes the work, sourcing most of the labor from those below the poverty line.